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These beautiful symbols of family clans were originally worn as cap badges by clan members and were always carried into battle. Similar to coats of arms the symbolic elements of these clan crests are registered with the highest authority on Scottish heraldry, the Court of Lord Lyon.

These stunning high-relief sculptures are firstly hand caved in hard-woods supplied by Scottish Hardwoods before being transferred to moulds and then cold cast in bronze.

The crests are finally  hand burnished before being mounted on a hard-wood shield displaying the clan name in a small brass plaque.

The sculptor, Norman Donald Anderson has carefully researched the crests before committing the design to wood.

Limited Edition

Clanroots will create only 500 of each clan crest in  bronze .

Each will be given its unique edition number and presented on a plaque made of the finest Scottish Hardwoods. The crests will be presented with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the creator Norman Anderson.

Standard presentation is in bronze mounted on a light Scottish Hardwood shield, usually Oak, with a brass clan name plate.

Alternatives at no extra cost.

Dark Jacobean Oak shield.

 SIZE: approx. 14" x 20" (35 x 50cm)(except Thistle Crest 20 x 29cm)

Weight: approx 12 Kgs